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HONEY FOR THE FAST TRACK (2001-04-06 14:12:47)
A recent study by scientists has proved what we all knew – that honey is a fantastic energy ‘fix’! 

Sexy Honey! (2001-02-16 16:51:53)
So, honey can boost your sex life! Peta Bee of the Daily Mail’s Good Health page gave honey a three star “passion power” rating recently.

ENGADINE & WALNUT TART (2000-12-15 11:02:46)
This traditional recipe for Engadine and Walnut Tart comes from world-famous Swiss chef Anton Mosimann, from his book ‘Mosimann’s World’, published by Boxtree. The Grisons or Graubünden area of eastern Switzerland is famous for its pastries, and this closed rich pastry tart with a filling of walnuts (or hazelnuts), cream and honey is typical of the region. In England Anton Mosimann not only runs his private members club in West Halkin Street, London but also cookery demonstrations at Mosimann’s Academy and Party Service event catering for which he has been awarded a Royal Warrant. 

Energy Provider (2000-07-19 15:37:02)
Feeling tired, need to boost your energy levels - find out more